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How the REV-N-NATOR® Works Internally

The REV-N-NATOR® is a replacement solid state ignition control box for Chrysler electronic ignition systems generally found in vintage Chrysler Muscle Cars. In order to please the collector, it has been designed to match the original equipment mounting, wiring harness and stock look, while adding the protection of an adjustable digital rev limiter and a visual engine speed (tachometer) LED display. Due to the use of state-of-the-art digital and analog electronics, the REV-N-NATOR® out-performs all other ignition systems tested to date—both in the dyno and on the track and street—without the use of high maintenance and high-voltage capacitive discharge technology.

When Chrysler abandoned the traditional ignition points and condenser spark trigger source, it decided to use magnetic reluctor technology. All Chrysler ignition systems employing a control box (Brain Box) rely on this very weak and noise-sensitive input from the distributor for spark timing. In the REV-N-NATOR®, this weak analog signal is first amplified and conditioned so as to be a reliable ignition trigger. The analog circuitry in the REV-N-NATOR® is programmable and dynamically adjustable. This allows compliance with the wide range of reluctor outputs resulting from uncontrolled gap spacing in the distributor, uncontrolled wiring conditions, uncontrolled reluctor polarity and impedance, and from distributor shaft bounce. This programmable analog circuitry is state-of-the-art and not found on any other ignition system today.

The digital portion of the REV-N-NATOR® is also fully programmable and dynamically adjustable to allow functions such as dwell curving, timing advance and rev limiting to be digitally controlled and managed in real time for maximum engine speed, spark firing performance, uniformity and reliability. The extremely complex digital circuitry performs all of the time-sensitive functions directly in hardware, freeing the microprocessor for management level functions.

The dynamic variability of the analog and digital circuitry is controlled at all times by the microprocessor at the center of the system. The microprocessor would not be capable of attaining the thru-put demanded by a high performance Muscle Car engine if all of the functions were attempted to be controlled by software alone. So, think of the microprocessor as the crew chief of a NASCAR team. The crew chief directs all the crew members and driver to win the race.

So…install a REV-N-NATOR® on your Chrysler Muscle Car engine and feel the added power!



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