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"Undamnbeleiveable, is all I can say! My car feels like it picked up 35-40 hp! That B Body goes sideways on take off! Outstanding Control box!


Hartselle, AL


"My son and I were very impressed with your presentation of the REV-N-NATOR system at Mopars In The Park in MN, which was why I took the risk of buying a product I was unfamiliar with. After installing the REV-N-NATOR in my Challenger T/A and starting up the engine, I realized within a short period of time, I had made a great purchase. It improved starting, idling, throttle response, performance and engine run-on. Within a week my son ordered one for his 600 HP Charger, having the same results in his vehicle. I will be ordering another REV-N-NATOR for the '71 Hemi Cuda project soon to be completed. We recommend the REV-N-NATOR to every Mopar owner we know and will have one in every Mopar we own in the future. This is a great product at a great price! Thank you very much."

- Ron & Clint Miller

1971 Hemi Cuda Hemi TA 1971 Hemi Cuda

"Installed, unhooked vacuum and set timing 18 degrees. After warm up, I punched it and first thing I thought of was "light my fire" by Jim Morrison. Hauls butt now. Will spend more time fine tuning with more advance and tweaking my Thermoquad also. Got the Monaco dialed in now. Very sweet! Makes a whole new ride! Like a stump puller now! Running appx 36 degrees BTDC. No pinging up through power band. Tell Troy I am very impressed! Also starts much faster, hot or cold engine. This was built with a stage 1 race 413 engine. Had paperwork from Chrysler stating there was no warranty on engine. Engine made for sanctioned racing use. Next will be my '68 Charger to install your product...My passion is electronics & high-end Dynaco audio gear besides keeping these babies going! Thanks again!"

- Den, Reedsburg, WI

"The REV-N-NATOR system arrived this past Monday. My husband, Kevin, installed it on the Duster yesterday and says it works great!"

- Kevin and Donna, Saskatchewan, Canada

Duster Duster

"I was able to get the Roadrunner out today and give it some good hard runs. The REV-N-NATOR is awesome and flawless! I really love the rev limiter and the engine bay tach the REV-N-NATOR provides. I was smoking those Mickey Thompson ET street tires effortlessly! It seems to cold start better too! To put it simply, I LOVE IT! I want to thank you again for the conversations and providing the absolute best customer service available anywhere in the world! I will get the word out down here in Tennessee regarding the REV-N-NATOR and the Great, Great, Great customer service! You guys have a great product and I'm proud to own one! Thanks again and MOPAR TO YOU!!!! "

- Greg, Yuma, TN

"The REV-N-NATOR I.C.U. works great to protect my 600+ hp engine! Thank you."

- Don, Mississippi

"Troy & Laura, I received and installed my new REV-N-NATOR and coil. They look great and work great! My car is a true big block 71’ convertible Challenger, the tribute part is the R/T. The engine is a 440 with aluminum stealth heads, comp roller cam, TTI exhaust, AED carb, Edelbrock RPM performer intake. 4 speed pistol grip, 373 posi rear with Shaker hood. REV-N-NATOR ICU package with matched coil and Fire Core distributor. "

- Tim R., Aldie, VA

"Hi, Laura, and thanks for excellent service and shipping to Sweden. Box and matched coil is in the car and works great...feels stronger and revs higher, and limiter works great!"

- Patrik, Sweden

1969 Dodge Coronet 

"I installed a new Stroker motor into my ‘72 Plymouth Cuda .I used the original ICU box it ran pretty good. Then installed the new REV-N-NATOR. Had to reset the timing. Took it for another ride, you can really tell the difference. Pulls a lot harder. I will tell all my friends how good it works! Thanks."

- Keith Martinson, Billings, MT

"The box worked great! I did unplug my vacuum advance and adjusted my idle accordingly. I did not have to make any timing changes. Car runs great. I love the peace of mind knowing I now have a rev limiter. Thanks again!"

- Brian Luke, Buskirk, NY

"Bought a REV-N-NATOR for my 1967 Plymouth Belvedere II 408 stroker 4spd. Easy installation. Replaced old orange Mopar box with REV-N-NATOR and was impressed with the power gained, especially at high rpms."

- Dustin Murray Eugene, OR

"I'm very impressed with the way the REV-N-NATOR made my wife's '70 440+6 Cuda run! I'd like to order 2 more..."

- Wesley J. North Salt Lake, UT

"I am very pleased with the performance. Even my wife noticed the difference! At the same time I added my old TM-7 single plane manifold, 1” super sucker spacer and an AED prepared Holley, so performance-wise only a dyno could answer that. But it sure runs great! Thanks again and keep up the good work.

- Ron Pirtle - 1968 Satellite

"I will be sure to push your product around my area!

- Shawn - 1970 440+6 GTX 4spd

"I received the REV-N-NATOR today. I went out and installed it in about 10 minutes or less. Took the car for a spin and it was a tad sluggish. Checked the timing and it needed about 10 degrees more total advance. Got everything sorted out and HOLY CRAP!!! It idles better and I could definitely feel it in the ol’ butt dyno. I could not be happier. Best money I have spent on the car so far. This is a fresh 340 that I installed over the winter. It was great before the REV-N-NATOR and is awesome now! Thanks for such an awesome product!

-Tim K. Lancaster, KY - 1973 Challenger

"I have a 1968 Charger R/T that I put a REV-N-NATOR into this summer. I put on several miles with it this summer and hit the Rev limiter a few times. Great Fun!!"

-Vance Vesey

"The engine runs and idles very smoothly now and pulls much harder than before! Thank you for a great product."

-Warren, Millbrae, CA - '73 Challenger 340

"The ignition box works very nice with MSD distributor and plug wires. Very pleased with REV-N-NATOR. Thanks."

-Jim Brand, Fairbanks, AK

"I got my REV-N-NATOR in the mail today. Two minute installation just like you said. Dealing with you guys was an absolute pleasure.Your product is awesome. I have absolutely noticed a big difference. Now it is off to cruise night to show off this box to my Mopar buddies.They have no idea what they are missing. THANK YOU"

-Jim Davies, Georgetown, Ontario, CA

"The REV-N-NATOR has been working flawlessly since the install. Can definitely feel the difference in the car and the way it pulls in the upper rpm range. Great box!!!"

- Lee Stewart

" '68 Coronet 2 door post. Original 318 with Comp cam, Edelbrock heads intake & carb, headers & NOS nitrous. Runs really nice with the REV-N-NATOR. Can't quantify the performance gain, but it starts and runs better."

- Fred Nielsen, Crazy old man. (75 yrs old)

"The most impressive performance addition has been my REV-N-NATOR. Before the REV-N-NATOR, the 340 performed well but had a tendency to plain out in power at about 5.000 rpm. With my REV-N-NATOR, the little 340 pulls hard, through 6,000 rpm, and really screams! It is obvious that the engine is putting out more horse power than it ever did before!

I became acquainted with the product through Hodge Restorations in Boiling Springs, S.C. and Lee Hodge, the owner, showed me the REV-N-NATOR box that he had installed on one of his restored cars. What a product!

Mini Muscle cars like my Dart 340 Swinger are fun cars to drive and are even more fun when they perform like mine does now! I would recommend to anyone who hasn't tried the REV-N-N-TOR to get it soon. You'll be glad you did!"

- Phil Dressendofer, Mill Spring, NC

"Installed the REV-N-NATOR. All I can say is WOW and Hold on! I knew it would be a great product, but it surpassed my expectations. It makes a huge, noticeable performance difference. It was quick and easy to install. You guys rock! A big thanks to both of you!"


UPDATE: "We installed the REV-N-NATOR on the Super bee and it is awesome! It made a huge difference. We have a large cam so it wasn't running as smooth down the road as we wanted it to. Now it is much more street able. Again, really pleased with your product! Now we have the REV-N-NATOR on both the 74 Barracuda and the 70 Super bee and were loving it!"


- Michele Dozeman, Newaygo, MI

"I received your REV-N-NATOR through the mail to Australia OK. I must say I'm impressed with the rev limiter and ease of operation AND the big difference it made in the cold! I would recommend this unit to anyone without hesitation. Good work."

- Mike Hollis, Australia

"Troy has worked mechanically on both [my] cars for years; the ’70 440 Charger since 1999 and the ’70 Hemi Charger since 2009. They have always run great, so when I decided to do a full restore on the ’70 440 Charger, to bring it back to the original color and appearance, there was no doubt on who I wanted to do the job. Also, I had seen Troy’s work on other classic cars and their appearance and detailing were always outstanding.

Before Troy started with the restore, we discussed my options and he gave me recommendations. We came up with a comprehensive plan on what I wanted done and what was needed. For example, we decided to detail the engine compartment, along with the car, since we were pulling the engine out for painting. While the motor was out, we ran it on the Dyno with the Chrysler Orange Ignition Box, the MSD Ignition, and the REV-N-NATOR. The motor made a lot more horsepower than it did when it was rebuilt 15 years ago. The results were, with the Chrysler Orange Box it made 521 horsepower, with the MSD Ignition it made 537 horsepower and, the clear winner, the REV-N-NATOR with 566 horsepower.

We talked often and Troy kept me appraised throughout the process. He even emailed me a ton of pictures as he went along. Troy knows a lot about cars and what they looked like coming off the showroom floor, and he applied that knowledge to my car, so now it too, looks like it did when it was first produced. I am very pleased with the results and thankful that I chose Troy to do the work.

Now I am planning on having Troy do my ’70 Hemi Charger next year!"

- Bruce Walker, Bloomington, MN

"I purchased a 1968 Dodge Charger R/T a couple of years ago. I'd been wanting someone who knows MOPARS to give it a tune-up. In discussing my car at work, a colleague of mine suggested Troy at The R/T Garage. I prepared a list of items I wanted worked on and I discussed it with Troy, who listened intently.

Troy first diagnosed the car and quickly noticed that the main hot wires from the bulkhead were almost completely melted. He sourced the parts and replaced the bulkhead and redid the wiring, including cleaning up the wiring that was hanging under the dash in the front. He also performed a heater box conversion by removing the condenser, covering up the hole in the firewall by fabricating a piece and being careful to match the paint color.

Troy worked off my list, taking pictures and providing me with updates along the way. Besides the more major work, which also included replacing a bad idler arm and some bushings, Troy adjusted the front grill that he noticed was sitting a little low, something I would have never known, but his years of working on these cars and expertise spotted. He also adjusted the hood of the car, which was not sitting right, and now it closes easily.

In dropping off and picking up my car, I would visit with Troy to discuss the car and the work performed, and right away you can feel Troy's passion, knowledge and expertise on these cars, and understand that he is very particular about the work, and he performs it with great pride and charges a fair price. I was very happy with the work that was performed on the car, that went above and beyond my expectations."

- Scott Fox, Apple Valley, MN

"I wanted to thank you for your personal help with the problem I had with my car after installing the REV-N-NATOR. My Challenger has never been so easy to start when it is cold. It always took a while to get it to fire after it was sitting for a week, but not now. The REV-N-NATOR has also smoothed out the cruise rpm and even helped on the low rpm acceleration. I cannot recommend this product or your shop highly enough. I was very surprised to get personalized help on the phone when I called, that is something unheard of these days. Again my thanks and thank you for developing such a great product."

- Alan Beadles, A very satisfied customer in virginia

"Thank you Troy and Laura at the R/T Garage! Troy has worked on my Mopars for 10+ years from small to major repairs and has done outstanding work!! I even trusted him with the keys to my house!"

- James Hennen, Prior Lake, MN

"In 1992 Troy restored my 1970 Challenger. No problems since and its been 18 years! Since then, he has also worked on two other cars of mine. It was quality work! He is trustworthy and has excellent work ethics!"

- Brian Pearson, Apple Valley, MN

"I wanted to express my total satisfaction with the REV-N-NATOR I ordered. The unit was installed on my 1973 Dodge Challenger in less than 5 minutes. After the initial start-up and minor timing adjustment, the test drive was a total eye opener. I have never installed anything so simple that resulted in such an improvement in performance in all the years of being a Mopar enthusiast. Thank You for a fine product that more than lived up to its advertising. You will no doubt get additional orders from me and my fellow Mopar gearheads."

- Ken Hale, NY



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