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REV-N-NATOR Frequently Asked Questions

Read before installation:    * Do NOT use with Solid Core Spark Plug Wires! *  

Q: How does the REV-N-NATOR work?
A: The REV-N-NATOR drops out every other cylinder and holds RPM to the selected rev limit (similar to a soft touch). The Rev-n-nator is Not capacitive discharge so, it is safe for your date coded spark plug wires!

For more information check the How It Works page.

Q: What ignition coil and distributor do you recommend?
A: Our Matched HP coil w/ matched ballast and our easy to adjust mechanical curve HP distributor made for us by FireCore.  

Matched  components are especially designed for your REV-N-NATOR ICU, to give you the best optimum performance and run ability.

All products are in stock unless specified.   Check on our website for any other products.

If you are using with a stock Mopar or any other distributor, make sure your reluctor gap is set correctly, .008 to .010. We have found many distributors are not set properly from the factory.  With a stock distributor and stock box, your car may be running fine but, may not deliver a strong enough signal, The REV-N-NATOR requires, if the reluctor gap is not correct. 

Q: What about "grounding" the REV-N-NATOR?
A: Make sure the ground wire is "under" the head of the bolt, not between the box and firewall. ( See picture )

The REV-N-NATOR is all new digital technology. It does not have grounding issues like the ol' stock and Chrysler boxes were known for. Totally unrelated internals.  No ' melt downs ' either! All heat protectant thermo potting !

Do not attempt to "grind," notch or "scuff" the REV-N-NATOR paint case! Doing so, will NOT improve your ground but, will Void your warranty!

The case is not internally grounded. We provide a separate attached ground lead wire for a positive and secure ground. This is all that is needed. Don't worry about pressure of box over wire. It's made to withstand this type of installation, unless you are using tach lead.

* If you are having any problems, please let us know, before you do anything to your box!

* IF ICU is cut, paint scuffed OR defaced, WE CAN NOT GRANT A REFUND or REPLACEMENT *


Q: When and how do I use the Auxiliary Tach Lead? - Grey wire on reverse side of box.
A: Use this grey auxiliary lead, only if you experience tach or needle bounce after the REV-N-NATOR has been installed. 

If No Tach bounce, you don't need to use it.

In rare cases having "Tach or needle Bounce", you now have the option to use the auxiliary tach lead, located on the reverse side of your REV-N-NATOR I.C.U. ( Grey wire ). When using the tach lead, unlike the braided ground, you will need to raise your REV-N-NATOR box up off the firewall slightly, using just some small washers. The Tach lead, should not be "pinched."  See next FAQ, how to connect your Auxillary tach lead, if you need it...If you have any questions on the correct way to set up using this auxillary tach lead, let us know. 

*Do NOT "notch' or cut into box, as this VOIDs your warranty for a replacement or refund!  

Q:  How do I correctly connect the Auxillary Tach lead, if I need it?
1. Remove your negative tach lead wire from coil.
2. Connect your negative tach lead wire, DIRECTLY to the REV-N-NATOR Auxillary Tach lead (located on back of ICU-grey wire).
3. DO NOT SPLICE in original tach lead wire with it still connected to coil/or to negative on coil! This will damage your REV-N-NATOR!


Q: My car is running rough or won't start.
 EMI Noise? What is your coil? Mopar stock distributor? What is reluctor gap setting? Do you have SolidCore spark plug wires?Are polarities reversed?

*Checking these possibilites is important, even if your car is running fine with a stock Chrysler box. Doing so, will just make your car run that much better!

* We understand you know your car. Of course, if you are having any problems trouble shooting, please let us know. We will be happy to check your ICU, to rule out any internal issues.

For other tech tips check in FAQ or contact us for any help.

* Please contact us first, before a return. 

Q: I have a stock tach, and it looks as if the Rev limit is kicking in late.
A: One of the MOST IMPORTANT features of our box is the Rev limiter.

It is our #1 concern, to make it digitally right on and correct. After all, this is your protection!

The Rev Limiter is not a "component," so it can not "go bad" or stop working. We have found with years of R & D, many stock tachs can be off as much as 1,500 rpm or more. Even brand new aftermarket tachs can be off 200 rpm. You can also check, exactly, what your rpms are by having some one else watch the L.E.D.s scroll under the hood, as they also function as a tach. We always test rev limit, using the #1 - 3000 rpm rev limit. Your L.E.D.s should scroll and light up L.E.D.s to #3 when testing with throttle, for rev limit. The L.E.D.s are then working as a Tach, telling you the exact rpms. 

Q: How do I use the LED settings?
A: The decal numbers listed above LEDs do not correlate with rev limit rpms!

They DO correlate when functioning as a tach, when tuning/setting timing, under hood.  *We send all boxes set at the  #1-3,000 RPM test setting. When you have selected your RPM, this will stay set, whether a battery is disconnected or car is not running, until you decide to change setting! Your ICU, should pulsate at the selected setting, when running. When accelerating, the L.E.D.s will scroll with RPM, as a Tach.   #1 --- 3,000 rpm is also a good theft deterrent setting !

Rev Limits are as follows:

#1---3,000 RPM  Test to get firmilar with how the Rev Limiter works!

#2---5,000 RPM

#3---5,500 RPM

#4---6,000 RPM

#5---6,500 RPM

#6---7,000 RPM

#7---7,500 RPM

When you first, turn your key... The Rev-n-nator L.E.Ds will all light up once, then flash the "version" code, then settle and pulsate at the desired  Rev Limit.

Q: What about timing?
A: This is overall a "plug n' play"  ICU, but you may need to adjust your timing. In some cases retard 2-6 degrees. Tune first with a stock Chrysler box, then install your REV-N-NATOR. Especially on a new build. 

Standard Timing Specs Guidelines:

" This is my guidelines setting timing for my customers"...Troy Martinson Inventor of The Rev-n-nator Igniton.

Intial ( idle ) 18-22

Total Timing at 3,000 rpm, should be between 32-38 degrees. NO VACUUM. Recommend using a digital timing light. 

* If you are in a dyno situation, going from an MSD to The REV-N-NATOR, for dyno comparisons, the Rev-n-nator may require slight adjustments in timing to get the best performance! Also, be aware like other performance ignitions, you may have to 'move' Rev-n-nator ICU in a dyno cell enviroment, to avoid any EMI noises.

Q: Do I need to use a ballast resistor with The REV-N-NATOR?
A: The use of the ballast resistor IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for everyday street use, however, it may be bypassed for a RACE ONLY application, with short term use.  We also recommend using a matched ballast to your Coil.

Q: Do you recommend Vacuum Advance?

A: No We do not recommend vacuum advance, but in some applications it's fine. You need to take the time to make adjustments to your distributor, if needed.

The reason we do not like vacuum advance is because our box has a digital type flywheel built in. This helps smooth out the timing, and it does not like all the movement and "chatter" vacuum advance causes. Some cars may seem to run better with their vacuum advance hooked up because they do not have enough initial timing in their car. If you have a 318 or a low performance motor, it can benefit from vacuum advance at part throttle. However, If you set your timing up with enough initial timing and the correct total timing, your car will run great without VA and get the best gas mileage and performance that can be expected out of these older cars.

Example: How we set up our customers' timing: Approx. 18-22* initial timing and most motors like between 32-38 total, depending on your engine (with no vacuum advance). This is a combination that works well for the R/T Garage as well as many engine builders. Our customers are very happy when we perform this type of tune up or they follow these steps.

Q:  Whats the best safety precaution with my I.C.U.? 
A:  We never want to leave you stranded! Other than the great stock appearance and easy usability of the REV-N-NATOR, having a plug n' play ICU offers safety features as Well. we want your box to last for years, but if you ever had a problem, just  like throwing a screw driver in your tool box of your car... just keep an extra cheap, stock ignition box, in your toolbox/glove box.  You may never need it, but if you do, its an easy "plug in" emergency box to get home. You will never need a tow, unlike other aftermarket ignition applications!

* Convenience and protection is what the REV-N-NATOR can provide you.

 A stock ICU may not pick up some issues. But, in the end, having your car tuned correctly and components at their best, you will have an even better running car.  And with your REV-N-NATOR, you will feel the difference.

We back our product and our customers with a 3 year warranty to original owner and a 90 day money back guarantee! Made in The U.S.A.                      Email 

 Please contact us if you have additional questions.


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